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“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” 
― Frank Zappa

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It’s usually One Step Closer cause it’s the last song we play before we go home
Joe Hahn on ‘What is your favorite song to play live?’ x (via crawlingindark)

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Evening of Environmental Excellence Speech & Performance - Linkin Park (x)

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'Can I get a show of hands of people that don't really know Linkin Park? You don't have any Linkin Park music. Don't be shy, I know there's a bunch of you. Okay, so after we play tonight, just for you guys, we have an album coming out in the summer this year […]. All of you guys who raised your hands, who are about to hear what we're gonna do right now.. DO NOT buy our album based on this performance, because our album that comes out this year is really loud it’s gonna give you a heart attack! It’s not acoustic, it’s not piano and vocal. Tonight is really tune down performance just for you guys ‘cause it’s dinner and we thought that, you know, hard rock/heavy metal is not gonna be so cool for you tonight.’

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